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9 Simple Practices For Leading And Living With Purpose

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Real Leadership


“This powerful, practical book is loaded with great ideas to help you achieve better results, faster, in any organization.”

Brian Tracy, author of How the Best Leaders Lead

“Many people write and talk about leadership, few of which have demonstrated it, with extraordinary success, like John Addison has.  If you want to learn real leadership, then read this book.”

Darren Hardy, CEO Mentor, New York Times bestselling author, and former publisher of SUCCESS

John Addison is more than a leader, he's a coach and a motivator.  If you want to lead your team and inspire others to great results like John has, Real Leadership is the book for you.”

Jack Canfield, the New York Times bestselling author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

“Real Leadership is a fascinating, stimulating, disarmingly candid, yet profoundly impactful book.  John's unique storytelling style makes his powerful points even more penetrating.  Leadership is a vital ‘life force' that every human being needs to master for every facet of their life and career.  This book shows instead of merely telling.  You will benefit from reading and living John's advice.”

Jay Abraham, world renowned business growth expert

John Addison Brings to You Timeless Leadership Principles Developed Through Decades Of Experience At The Highest Levels!

When you begin reading Real Leadership: 9 Simple Practices For Leading And Living With Purpose you'll discover:

  • Why leadership is the most precious (and valuable) resource on the planet… and why cultivating that skill could lead you to a lifetime of endless possibilities…

  • The 5 simple sentences Mr. Addison follows every day to cultivate his leadership abilities…

  • The real difference between luck & success (you'll be surprised to find out) and how to take control of your life and shape your future one simple step at a time…

  • The “20 Minute Mindset” hack that you can use right now to gain control in your life over the important things that make a huge difference in becoming a quality leader.  This one thing will open more new doors of opportunity than you ever imagined was possible!

  • Why you should always “Look for the ________ in people” if you really want to develop natural leadership…

  • How effective leaders use plans to get more done in less time… (HINT: You probably aren't using them this way).

  • What every potential leader must decide BEFORE they'll ever be able to inspire and lead others to success…

  • How to develop “Mental Toughness” to overcome negativity, backlash, and the ugliness that tries to pull you down or distract you from reaching your goals…

  • [IMPORTANT] The #1 thing missing from 99% of most leadership training programs… (It's something sorely needed in the business community today).  Ignore this powerful insight at your own expense!

  • How to use the “Shine Your Light On Others” principle to get more reward for your efforts without having to constantly promote yourself or “steal the spotlight”…

  • How to find your “natural leadership strengths” by asking yourself 6 simple questions… (finding these strengths is critical to your success).

  • The one thing you don't need to be a great leader even if popular media would have you believe otherwise…

  • For Overworked Leaders: How to lead more by doing less…

  • Why the best place to look for leadership opportunities is also the most ignored… (PLUS: You'll discover how to locate these advancement opportunities and leverage your natural strengths to earn your way to the top!).  This is the #1 Resource for advancing your career in leadership bar none!

  • The one “mistake of attitude” many first time leaders make that ends up working against them and creating unnecessary pressure and stress…

  • The backwards approach to leadership that Mr. Addison used to grow a $431 million dollar company to $680 million in just a few short years… (If you're tired of the same ‘ole leadership strategies that don't yield results then you'll LOVE this!).

  • How to “pull the weeds” and set your leadership career back on track even if you've hit rock bottom…

  • The simple process for unlocking your ability to make clear decisions regardless of the panic and anxiety that surrounds you… (this is a critical component to good leadership).

  • The one thing that no leader should ever do no matter what else happens…

  • How to properly frame your leadership goals so that you don't get distracted or discouraged by chasing the wrong things…

  • And much, much more…

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When you order Real Leadership: 9 Simple Practices For Leading And Living With Purpose you'll get direct access to the Real Leadership Roadmap companion course.

In the course, you'll receive 4 comprehensive video-based modules to help you dive deeper into the strategies and tools you'll discover from inside of the Real Leadership book.

Through the additional training you'll discover:

  • 4 simple questions to ask yourself that will help you overcome self-doubt as a leader and provide a clear path to overcoming adversity in your new role…

  • How to find and leverage the 3 key areas of talent in your own life so that you can stand out as a leader and become the best leader you can be…

  • Why you must learn to tap into the one thing most people crave above all else in order to build a truly successful career in leadership and management… (Do this one thing and you'll never have to the “office dictator”).

  • The quick and easy “Action This Day” method used by Winston Churchill that'll double (or even triple) the productivity of you and your team…

  • The real reason why you simply can't “visualize yourself to success” and what to do instead…

  • How to lock into the fundamentals of persuasion and influence to remove the roadblocks common to most new leaders… (if you're struggling with getting people to follow your lead, then you'll LOVE the info in this module!).

  • And much, much, more…

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The Real Leadership Companion Workbook

Don't just watch the videos, do the exercises!

John will walk you through each step of the transformative process so that you can see real and immediate results.  This workbook is the tool that you will use to make that happen.

Instant Access To The Robust Discussion Forum

Network, chat, and connect with other like-minded individuals as you progress together through the time tested strategies and practices that John lays out for you.

This incredibly supportive environment will play a crucial role in helping you move towards your own very real results.

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