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The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle Masterclass

This unique masterclass is based on the principles the legendary Jim Rohn outlined in his popular book, The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle. In the book, and in this class, Jim examines the process of transforming the individual human life from where and what it is into where and what one desires it to be.

With the guidance of Jim Rohn, you'll find the keys to success and happiness and learn the few important basic principles that account for most of the progress in our lives.

Discover the few simple disciplines you need to practice every day.
• The discipline of strengthening and broadening your philosophy.
• The discipline of developing a better attitude.
• The discipline of engaging in more intense and consistent activity that will lead to greater results.
• The discipline of studying your results so you can anticipate the future more objectively.
• The discipline of living life more fully and investing all of your experiences in your better future.

You'll receive immediate access to seven modules covering philosophy, attitude, activity, results, lifestyle and more. Watch the videos and download the dedicated PDF workbook with questions, exercises and note-taking pages to help you internalize the lessons learned.

Wherever you stand at this moment in your life, the insights and ideas Jim Rohn reveals in this masterclass are truly life-changing!

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Jim Rohn One Year Success Plan

When you have a tried-and-true system for achieving your goals, you become unstoppable. You stop living for other people’s needs and start living for your dreams. 

As the mentor to the masters, Jim Rohn, said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have they have planned for you? Not much.

Now is the time to incorporate a system that helps you stay focused and on course for reaching your goals. And here is how you can have legendary personal achievement expert Jim Rohn as your personal mentor!

Here's what's included in the Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan:
- A one-year plan covering the 12 pillars of success and created to help you achieve a 10%-40% increase in the most important areas of your life
- 52 unique, weekly strategic game plans via email
- A dedicated 177-page PDF workbook with action points and exercises
- Bonus downloads, including audio interviews with top achievers and more
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PLUS, BONUS The Art of Influence with Chris Widener
(Value $147)
Learn to create trust, respect, admiration and loyalty from those you lead and sell to, utilizing the powerful forces of integrity, optimism, service, and excellence.

PLUS, BONUS Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn video.
(Value $57)
Tony Robbins met Jim Rohn when Tony was only 17 years old.  That meeting turned into the a mentor relationship that changed his life. Join Tony Robbins in this exclusive interview where he shares the success secrets and the map that he learned from his mentor, Jim Rohn. 

PLUS, BONUS How to Have Your Best Year Ever
(Value $350)
Jim Rohn shows how simple it is to begin to turn dreams into reality. While everyone is interested in getting more out of life, few are willing to turn that interest into action. Filmed before a live audience, Jim Rohn discusses the keys to success in life and the day that turns your life around. You get 4 incredible hours of content!

PLUS, BONUS Life Without Limits Action Planner
(Value $99)
Eliminate procrastination and distraction and finally achieve unwavering FOCUS. This isn't like every other planner on the market right now that requires you to buy a new book every 3 months and wait for it to be delivered. You'll have access to these planner pages so that you can print and reuse them whenever you want! 

Gain perspective, encouragement and motivation rather than falling prey to the numerous pitfalls and down times so many people are faced with on a daily basis.

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