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Win the Day Accelerator

This incredible new course from author James Whittaker and presented by SUCCESS will help you connect with your best self and start living a winning life today!

The 8-part course, with a 48-page digital workbook and dedicated discussion group, features instructive and informative video lessons with special chapter quizzes and more.

With chapters on Awareness, Purpose, Direction, Environment, Routine, Stress, and Adversity, the course will:

  • Enhance your personal life and relationships
  • Give clarity on your life goals and the confidence to put in the work each day
  • Empower strength and a positive mindset when you're faced with challenging moments
  • Turbocharge your career
  • Reduce anxiety about your current life circumstances
  • Provide the holistic focus for balance across all areas of your life, like health, finances, career and family
  • Bring meaning, growth, and happiness to every single day

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