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"If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured and unique individual, keep a journal—don’t trust your memory." - Jim Rohn 

You may be asking yourself...

"Why do I need to keep a journal?"

Jim Rohn believed there were multiple benefits of keeping a journal, but he narrowed it down to 3 key reasons...

When we describe life to ourselves only in 
our minds, our imaginations tend to feed false or distorted information about how things are, positive or negative. When we describe a situation in writing, however, we become more factual, more accurate, and certainly more realistic.

Examine your circumstances through the lens of the microscope of truth to see their real nature, their real perimeters and their
real composition. as you continue to refine your statement of the problem, of the way it really is, you will begin to move closer to the solution.

As you become better at describing life to yourself, you will find that you become better at describing yourself to life. Put into more practical terms, as you become better at saying what you really want and how you really feel to yourself, you will be able to better express yourself and your feelings to others, and in return, better able to understand what others 
are really feeling and really saying to you.

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“Set yourself free and explore the possibilities of life with paper and pen.There’s no risk involved; you cannot fail. Stretch yourself mentally, expand your inner horizons." — Jim Rohn

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