Unlocking The Secret To Getting More By Working Less


Discover 3 Simple Strategies For Getting Rid Of Stress And Getting More Of The Clarity, Certainty, And Peace You Desire

  • Is the 4-hour workday really possible? YES! Chalene will show you how she runs a multi-million-dollar company on just 4 focused hours of work per day!
  • Discover why your goals are making life balance impossible unless you know Chalene’s unique goal setting method that lets you focus on what’s important and get rid of everything else
  • Learn how to design your ideal, stress-free blueprint for success by focusing on how you want to feel instead of what you want to have.
  • Start feeling more energetic, more focused and healthier as you begin to remove the 3 most destructive habits from your life
  • Discover a NEW set of habits that’ll have you effortlessly accomplishing more in one single day than you ever thought possible
  • And lots more!

Learn From an Expert Who Can Help You Overachieve Without Getting Overwhelmed


Chalene Johnson

Best-selling author and founder of the SmartLife movement.

Has built and sold several multimillion-dollar businesses and helped countless others do the same.

Teaches professionals and business owners how to get more done by doing less.


Join Us on August 7 @ 4PM ET